FRS 102 

FRS 102 The Financial Reporting Standard applicable in the UK and Republic of Ireland was published in March 2013. This new standard has replaced extant UK & Irish GAAP accounting standards for accounting periods commencing on or after 1st January 2015 (with major transitional arrangements from 1st January 2014). 

With this in mind CPA have created this FRS 102 Resource Section to provide a one stop shop for all supporting articles and publications to help guide our members through the application of this important new Standard.

A new era for Irish & UK GAAP - A quick reference guide to FRS102

CPA Ireland Skillnet also developed the guide: A new era for Irish & UK GAAP - A quick reference guide to FRS102. To download a copy of this guide, click here

Useful Guidance Material:

• Sample Financial Statements for an audit exempt company including Transition to FRS 102 January 2016
• Is size all that matters FRS105 v FRS102 Section 1A by Maureen Kelly September 2017
• FRS102 Section 1A Small Companies by Robert Kirk September 2017
• First Triennial Review of FRS 102 by Robert Kirk June 2017
• FRS 102 Professional Judgement by Maureen Kelly Dec 2016
• FRS 105 On the way by Robert Kirk Dec 2016
• Directors & Intercompany Loans by Maureen Kelly Sept 2016
• Top Ten FRS102 Issues by Robert Kirk Sept 2016
• FRS 102 Statement of Cash Flows by Robert Kirk March 2016
• FRS 102 Small Entity Reporting by Robert Kirk December 2015
• FRC guidance on Intercompany and Director's Loans September 2015
• Pensions SORP & FRS 102 by James Fitzpatrick & Padraig Osborne Sept 2015
• FRS 102 Where you should be now by Robert Kirk September 2015
• Revenue Transition Arrangements for Move to FRS 102
• FRS 104 Interim Financial Reporting by Robert Kirk June 2015
• FRS 102 Employee Benefits by Robert Kirk March 2015
• FRS 102 Tax Treatment of the Transition by Gary O'Mahony March 2015
• FRS 102 Summary of Key Changes by Robert Kirk December 2014
• FRS 102 The Final Amendments by Robert Kirk September 2014
• FRS 102 Fair Value by Michael Donnelly September 2014
• FRS 103: Insurance Contracts the Key Issues by Robert Kirk June 2014
• Accounting for Government Grants under FRS 102 March 2014
 Lease Accounting under FRS 102 December 2013
• FRS 102: The Transitional Arrangements by Robert Kirk (Accountancy Plus September 2013)
• FRS 102: The Transitional Arrangements example
• Accounting for Agriculture under FRS 102 by Robert Kirk (Accountancy Plus June 2013)
• Public Benefit Entities – Accounting under FRS 102 by Robert Kirk (Accountancy Plus December 2012)
• FRS 102 Staff Education Notes from FRC
 Charities SORP (FRS102)(effective January 2015)
• SORPS in issue or proposed