Student Fees

Student Fees for 2024  
Registration Fee €80
Re-Registration Fee (Includes Annual Student Subscription for the year) €190
Annual Student Subscription €130     
Exemption Fees  
Where exempexemptionshe Institute have been granted, exemptions fees are payable upon registration as a student.

Foundation Level
Professional Level
Strategic Level

*Please note there is a cap on the exemption fee of  €455
Per Subject


Examination Fees 
Payable upon Examination Registration.

Per Subject


Annual Subscription

Each CPA Ireland Student pays an annual subscription, with the amount determined by the Institute's Council.

The Annual Subscription shall be payable in advance on the first day of September in each year. Any CPA Ireland Student will cease to be a CPA Ireland Student in the event of his/her annual subscription being in arrears for three months from the date on which such subscriptions become payable.

The Council shall have power at it's discretion to suspend the operation of this Bye-Law. In the case of a person who has ceased to be a CPA Ireland Student under this Bye-Law, the Council may, at it's discretion, readmit him/her as a CPA Ireland Student upon such conditions as the Council may deem fit.

A full year's subscription shall be payable upon acceptance as a registered CPA Ireland Student. A CPA Ireland Student is obliged to inform the Secretary of their current residential and business addresses on payment of the Annual Subscription. 


Re-registering is a proccess which is available for former CPA students who are interested in resuming their CPA studies. 
A fee of €190 applies to all re-registered students. For further information about re-registering please click here.