Notification of Changes

CPA Practising Certificate holders, affiliated partners, responsible individuals and CPA regulated firms are required by Bye Law 13 to notify CPA Ireland of changes to their details as soon as practicable, but not later than ten business days after the event. Such changes to include changes to address/place of business, firm structure etc.

All changes must be notified to CPA Ireland through the submission of a Notification of Changes Form to

If you have a query regarding a proposed change, please contact the Professional Standards Department at

Please ensure that the changes you are making do not impact on your firm’s ongoing eligibility.

Practitioners and firms should not wait until the annual renewal of licences to advise of changes.

CPA Regulated Firm Notification Requirements
A CPA regulated firm must notify CPA Ireland as soon as practicable, but not later than ten business days after the event of any change to:

(i)   the name or trading names of the Authorised Firm;
(ii)  the addresses of the Authorised Firm’s offices;
(iii)  the names or principal business address of any of the Authorised Firm’s Partners or Directors or Responsible Individuals; or
(iv)  the name of the Authorised Firm’s Compliance Principal;
(v)   the voting rights structure. 

Audit Firm Notification Requirements
In addition to the requirements of Bye Law 13, S.1487 of the Companies Act 2014 requires that an auditor or an audit firm notify their Recognised Accountancy Body of any change in the information contained in the public register relating to them. S.1488 of the Act requires that the notification be signed.

A contravention of either S.1487 or S.1488, without reasonable excuse, is a category 4 offence.

Changes should be notified to CPA Ireland as soon as may be, by completing a Notification of Changes form and returning to



Notification of Change of Details - FAQs