Ukrainian Crisis

Sanctions Resource Page

CPA Ireland has introduced a range of measures in support of Ukrainian refugees seeking to live and work in Ireland and to have their professional accountancy qualifications recognised. Please visit our dedicated webpage for more information.

As a result of the recent developing situation in Ukraine, close scrutiny has been paid to the role of sanctions in deterring further aggression by the Russian Federation. This resource is intended to aid members in their compliance with these obligations. With the pace of these measures, please refer to this resource regularly to remain in line with international obligations.

In Ireland, financial sanctions emanate from the EU and the UN, and are contained in sanctions lists. All natural and legal persons are required to comply with financial sanctions. This requires monitoring the EU and UN lists and taking appropriate action, more details of which are given below.

It is a criminal offence not to comply with sanctions and firms which do not comply also risk reputational damage.


Refer to the following links that provide further detail on information relevant to Irish institutions.


Refer to the following guidance from the European Institutions and technical resources from Accountancy Europe.

United Kingdom

Refer to the following guidance on the United Kingdom Sanctions list, guidance for charitable donations to Ukraine, tax specific issues and insolvency considerations.

International & Other News

The UN publishes a consolidated list of all individuals and entities subject to sanctions measures imposed by the UN Security Council.

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