Define your Brand

Author: Chantal Haynes- Curley

Your brands principles, values and behaviours all play an important part in determining your brands audience.  

Think of your brand as a commodity, you are the vendor and the professional services market is your customer! 

The market is wide and diverse, so you need to be clear on what segment of the market your brand is going to appeal to. For exampe, is it aligned with corporate culture or trageted to a small independent practice? In order to effectively pitch your brand you need to make it marketable to your chosen segment. The sooner you define your audience, the easier it will be to craft your brand because you’ll better understand what your brand should say in order to match your desired segment.

Just as companies brand their values through their corporate mission, you will create your personal brand message.This will define your unique value proposition.Your personal brand message will accompany you throughout your career and will act as a navigation tool for your development 

Using the work you have done identifying and defining your brand– curate a two to three sentence personal statement that attests to the key skills and personal traits that define your brand, that is, the audience you serve, your values, your skills, where you apply them and what distinguishes you from your peers.

Your personal misson statement is the core of your personal brand, it defines who you are and what you do.