About CPA Ireland

CPA Ireland is one of the main Irish accountancy bodies with 5,000 members and students. The CPA designation is the most commonly used designation worldwide for professional accountants and the Institute’s qualification enjoys wide international recognition.

The role of the Institute is to: 

  • regulate CPAs in accordance with the law and the Institute's Code of Ethics in the public interest;
  • ensure that CPAs are constantly up to date in all matters relating to their professional work;
  • maintain the highest levels of educational standards for new entrants to the profession;
  • represent the interests of our members where appropriate.

What do we do?

The Institute fulfils its statutory role as a recognised body by overseeing the professional activities of our members in practice, and ensuring that education and training standards are maintained. As the first accountancy body to introduce a mandatory regime of Continuing Professional Development, the Institute ensures that all CPAs remain at the leading edge throughout their careers.