International Services
CPA Ireland offers a variety of professional services internationally. We also have extensive experience of delivering high quality projects, professionally managed and to budget.
Capacity Building Projects

Mozambique – In partnership with KOSI International we established a new national accountancy body in the country, including the development of all the legal, institutional and governance structures in line with international best practice. The project was funded by the World Bank
Rwanda - In partnership with KOSI International we assisted the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Rwanda (ICPAR) in developing their processes of educating and training accountants. The project was funded by the World Bank
Nigeria – in partnership with KOSI International we undertook a complete review of education processes, syllabi, teaching methods etc for the National College of Accountancy in Nigeria.The project was funded by IFAC from funds provided by the Department of International Development (UK)
Sri Lanka – we delivered high quality training on IPSAS to senior officials from the Sri Lankan Department of Education. 
Lithuania – we delivered training on Auditing and Accounting Standards to members of the Lithuanian Chamber of Accountants
Nigeria – we have delivered training on
  • Quality Assurance
  • IFRS
  • Institute management
  • Senior Leadership Programmes
We offer online learning through the CPA Ireland Learning Management System and a third party supplier. These courses include
  • Diploma in US GAAP
  • Diploma in IFRS