Career Break, Maternity Leave and Retired Status
As a member, you are entitled to a number of exemptions if you decide to take a career break or go on maternity leave. In order to qualify for these exemptions, please read the information below and complete the relevant online form.
If you are no longer working but wish to retain your link with CPA Ireland, you have the option to apply for retirement status, please read below for full details and complete the online form to apply.
If you have any questions, please contact the member services department
Phone: 01 425 1000
Career Break is a period of time out of employment and can be applied for if a member is leaving the workforce completely for a period no less than 12 months.

To qualify for a Career Break, a member must apply in advance to the Institute by completing the Career break application form, detailing the reasons for the proposed Career Break, and confirming that no employment, of any nature, will be undertaken during the period of the break.

On approval of a Career Break
  • the member will be entitled to avail of a reduced subscription as determined by Council,
  • the member may apply for CPD exemptions for the period. Please note that CPD exemptions are not automatically granted with Career Break.
  • A CPD exemption application must be made to the Institute in advance
Each Career Break must be approved in advance by the Institute. Career Break status members may opt to be exempted from CPD requirements for a total of two years. The application for exemption must be made in the first and/or second year of a career break period. Further details on CPD exemptions are available here.

Retrospective applications for either Career Break or CPD exemptions are not permitted.

Members on Career Break are not entitled to a CPD voucher for early payment of subscriptions.
Maternity Leave
A reduction of CPD requirements is available to members taking unpaid maternity leave. A fees reduction would also apply for the 26 weeks maternity leave duration. Prior application for CPD exemption is not required and the exemption should be claimed as part of the normal CPD return. A member must apply in advance to the Institute to avail of the reduced rate by completing the Maternity leave application form.
Retirement Status
Members can update their status with the Institute to “member retired” once they have ceased employment and have completed and returned the Application for Retirement Status. Retired members will:
  • Keep the CPA designation
  • Continue to receive the Accountancy Plus magazine by email
  • Continue to receive the monthly member e-bulletin by email
The yearly fee for retired members is €80. No CPD requirements would apply to retired members.
Retirement status with the Institute differs from a resignation with the Institute.
Fellowship Application
Any member interested in becoming a Fellow of CPA Ireland must apply to Council to be considered for fellowship status.  For further information, please click here 

Readmissions to membership
The Institute's Readmissions policy can be accessed here

Membership Application AIPA/FIPA
  • The AIPA/FIPA Membership Application Form can be accessed here.
  • Fit & Proper Application Form can be accessed here.