The CPA Qualification allows you to travel in the knowledge that you have a qualification that travels with you, we have a number of CPA members working in various locations across the globe, read of some of their success stories below.


Vancouver, British Columbia

“The CPA Qualification has benefited me in my career because its opened doors to opportunities across the globe that I would not have known existed without it.”

Alan Cosgrave, Partner, Enterprise Risk Services


Melbourne, Australia

"When I arrived in Australia, the fact that I had the CPA qualification afforded me numerous sit downs with recruiters and diverse job opportunities. Having the qualification has assisted me in all my job searching to date and provided me with the opportunity to develop."

Dick Coppinger, Senior Financial Accountant, Myer

Singapore, Asia 

"The CPA Qualification has benefited me in my career because it provided me with the building blocks to attain the great jobs I had and due to its global reach, it allowed me to get visas and work opportunities in many countries"

Martin O'Regan, Managing Director and Founder, Solas Fiduciary Services

London, United Kingdom

"The CPA qualification has helped me in many ways.  First, as it is quite an “international” qualification, it provided the technical framework to allow me to apply for jobs in the accounting and finance domain.  Also, the CPA subject range provided a good all-round knowledge on many topics as well as accounting, which helps me frequently in my role.  Furthermore, I think that having had to balance work and study when sitting the CPA exams contributed to useful attributes and skills such as multi-tasking, perseverance, hard work and determination." 

Martina Redmond, Head of Finance, Mid Europa Partners LLP



“The CPA Qualification has benefited me in my career because, it taught me the fundamentals and gave me a business passport”

Dennis Harty, Deputy COO, Credit Suisse Fund Services


Jersey, Channel Islands 

"The CPA Qualification has benefited me in my career is internationally recognised and it has allowed me to progress my career and work within different areas of the finance sector in Jersey"

Michelle Thompson, Assistant Manager - Client Accounting, Crestbridge Jersey


Global Opportunities

There are a number of international mutual recognition agreements around the world available to you as a fully qualified CPA

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