Fees to CPA Ireland:

1.Registration Fee: €80, payable on registration.

2. Exemption Fees:
- Foundation Level – €45 per subject 
- Professional Level - €60 per subject
- Strategic Level - €75 per subject*

The exemption fee is capped at €455. This is the maximum exemption fee you will pay even if your exemption fee exceeds €455.

3. Exam Fees:
- Foundation Level - €100 per subject
- Professional Level - €125 per subject
- Strategic Level - €150 per subject

4. Annual Student Subscription: €130 each year, issued at the start of each academic year in September.

When are the fees payable?

  • The registration fee is payable when completing the registration form as part of your student registration. You will have 28 days cooling off period after payment is made to request a refund of the €80 registration fee. After 28 days, this fee is non-refundable.
  • The exemption fee is not payable on registration. It can be paid at a later stage; however, it must be paid in full before your first exam sitting.
  • Exam fees are payable prior to the April and August exam dates.

Educator Fees:

There will be additional fees if you choose to study with an educator. Students have the choice of which educator to study with depedning on their remainign exams:

Griffith College Dublin provides live and recorded online lectures, study support material, and tutor support.

  • ​Foundation Stage - €550 per subject
  • Professional Stage - €650 per subject
  • Strategic Stage - €670 per subject
Munster Technological University Cork provides onlinelectures.
  • Professional Stage - €395 per subject
  • Strategic Stage - €395 per subject
CPA Ireland
  • Strategic Level - Data Analytics for Finance elective module - €500. 
  • CPA students can earn a dual qualification as a CPA and Certified Business Data Analyst. More information is here.

CPA Students can avail of a student loan with Capital Credit Union to assit them with the financial costs. 

CPA Ireland Student Finance Loan

CPA Ireland Students can avail of a Student Finance Loan with Capital Credit Union

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