Digitalisation Hub Webinar Recordings

When you purchase one of these recordings, you will receive an email from a CPA staff member with the link to access your course. This may take up to 48 hours to send to you. 

Once you have watched the recording, please reply to this email to have the CPD credit allocated to your account.

CPD provided by CPA Ireland is updated by the Institute within two weeks of attendance. If you notice an event missing from your record please do not add it yourself but instead contact with your member number and the name & date of the course you attended.

List of recordings available:
Topic Price  
Cybersecurity & DORA €20 Buy Now!
Digital Banking €20 Buy Now!
Empowering Accountants with User-Friendly Python Tools generated by ChatGPT €35 Buy Now!
Hybrid Working and the Importance of Digital Resilience €20 Buy Now!
Leading through Digital Change €20 Buy Now!
Onboarding Remotely €20 Buy Now!
Paul Redmond Case Study - Gone digital, what do do now? €20 Buy Now!
Paul Redmond Case Study - My Journey to Going Digital €20 Buy Now!
The Climate Perks of going Digital €20 Buy Now!
The Importance of Digitalisation & the Benefits it Can Bring €20 Buy Now!
The Role Technology Plays in Advisory Services €20 Buy Now!
What are Blockchain and Digital Assets and Why do they Matter? €20 Buy Now!

Please note that any information given by the speaker was correct on the date of recording

*this list will be updated as more recordings become available.