Align yourself

Author: Chantal Haynes- Curley

In construing your brand, you are looking to distinguish yourself from the competition—to propel your brand to the top you have to take stock of who your competition is.

Do your research and identify who the leaders are in your field, get a 360-degree picture by going online and looking at the content they have out there, search for blogs they have commented on or contributed to, review their social media activity and Linkedin accounts. Take your cues from the successful and examine what they’re doing. Take your inspiration from them and follow their lead.

Now that you have identified the leaders in your field, consider reaching out to them. Many senior-level professionals will engage in some form of mentoring – so why not ask for a mentor? At the very least most are willing to give some advice through informal chat. 
Reaching out and asking for some simple advice, setting up a short call or a quick chat over a coffee will help you gain some valuable insights into the industry, possible niches, and help to establish relationships with successful leaders working within the sector. Questions you may want to ask could be;

  • What are the current industry trends?

  • What developments do you see over the coming years?

  • How did you establish yourself?

  • What has changed since you started your career?

  • What is the best way to keep up to date with emerging trends?