Step 2: Assess yourself

Author: Chantal Haynes- Curley

You wouldn’t go into an exam without first considering what questions may come up on the paper and an interview is no different. In the same way, you need to reflect on the subject matter of the interview – that is you!
The whole purpose of the interview is to allow the employer to assess your skills, behaviours, knowledge and general competency for the role. An interview is your opportunity to showcase to employers your competencies, skills and knowledge-  you prepare for this by reflecting on and understanding your competencies and the relevant experience you hold. This is the most important part of interview preparation and it will enable you to prepare strong answers to questions and demonstrate why you are the best fit for the role.
Most employers are looking for a combination of transferrable and technical skills.Transferrable skills or soft skills look like, teamwork, coordination, time management, and communication that would be valuable in any job.Technical or “hard skills” look like knowledge of software, industry protocols, or qualifications obtained from studying the subject matter.
Use the worksheet which you can download below  - this will help you to map out your transferrable and technical skills.
You should also be prepared to discuss your CPA qualification i.e. what exemptions you are eligible for, what electives you wish to take, what areas of study interests you the most,  how you intend on undertaking your studies and how you will balance your studies with working. Employers will want to witness your enthusiasm for developing your Accountancy career and without fully discussing your plans and how you have prepared to balance study and work it will be difficult to illustrate.