Step 6: Over to you

Author: Chantal Haynes- Curley

Once the interviewer has finished asking their questions, they will likely ask if you have any questions. After getting this far is important to avoid the temptation to wrap up the interview by simply saying no.
Preparing a well thought out response to demonstrate your research and enthusiasm will be hugely beneficial – and helps to finish the interview by summarising your alignment with the organisation.

You can ask about the future of the company; career development opportunities; what the culture is like in the organisation etc. For example, I understand [the organisation] is heavily involved in promoting and advocating sustainability, this is something I have a person interest in and am passionate about, having volunteered

Final tips

Dress for the job you want -Arrive at your interview dressed in a manner that is professionally appropriate for the role; think office wear not casual wear and avoid busy patterns or bright colours
Body language – Be mindful of your body language; never sit with arms crossed or with your hands clenched. Sit upright, make eye contact, smile when appropriate and be sure to extend your hand when introducing yourself and saying goodbye
Relax – it is easy to become nervous when attending an interview, with the right preparation and the right attitude you will succeed