How to Prepare for the Job Market in the 'New Normal'



Having worked in the graduate recruitment space for almost a year, we at Covid Interns have spotted a common theme or two differentiating successful to unsuccessful applications for graduate roles and internships! We have boiled down our main learnings to a list of our top 5 tips to landing a job in COVID times:


 1. Spruce up your CV

Is your CV over two pages? Described through wordy and meandering paragraphs? Don't worry - we were all there once - but tidying up your CV to be clear, concise, and ideally all on one page has never been more crucial given levels of competition. It may take an hour or two, but finding yourself a good CV template will allow you to tidy up your information and get the interviewer on your side!


2. Show good manners

 At the end of the day, hiring companies are not just looking for qualifications and grades when searching for talent. They are searching for a great teammate who will work alongside them 5 days a week. Good team mates are professional and likeable, so make sure you indicate that you are both with prompt responses, please and thank yous, and polite and engaging messages.


3. Cold-emailing 

 The best kept secret of getting a job is the importance of reaching out to people in the job/ company and asking for a virtual coffee. You will be amazed at how forthcoming people are when you ask for help to understand the company and maximise your odds at being successful in your application. This is also a great time to show relevant people your soft skills and perhaps get a referral or warm introduction to a hiring manager! Our promise is that you will see how important it is once you start doing it. 


4. Ace your remote interview

 Interviews are daunting enough without the fears of a power outage or your flatmate making a racket in the kitchen. It's not ideal, but we have to get used to remote interviews and learn the tricks to execute them effectively. Planning ahead is the best tip: make sure your room is tidy, well lit, and has strong wifi signal days in advance. Asking a friend to get on a zoom for a mock remote interview also helps tremendously!


5. Build your profile through Micro-placements

At Covid Interns, we have been helping students improve their employability and candidate profiles through accessible, remote, and flexible placements that students and graduates can fit in around their studies and commitments. If you are spending too much time in front of Netflix and want to use your lockdown time to build your CV, submit an application to Covid Interns today!


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