Submitting your Training

All training must be logged on the online system, which can be accessed via your MyCPA account. Prior to logging your training, you must submit details of your mentor to the Institute for approval. Please log in to your MyCPA account to register your mentor and log your training.

You can find instructional videos on how to do this below.
Training should be logged on a quarterly basis and should be reviewed by your mentor and submitted to CPA for approval at the end of each quarter. The deadline date for your quarterly submission will be displayed on your student dashboard when you log into your MyCPA account.

Students may find this spreadsheet useful in order to log hours, in each area, on weekly basis. The summary information contained in the spreadsheet can then be input to the online Training Record system at the end of each quarter.
It is not mandatory to complete this, and students do not need to submit this to CPA. 

Please download and the training record User Guide. We also encourge all students to watch the webinar (below) which outlines how to log training, and answers many queries in relation to training records. 

If you have any queries re how to use the new system please contact Brenda Dolan on 01-4251054 or by email to If you have any queries about training please contact Reidin Ni Aonghusa.

Employment History

All students should log in to their MyCPA account and update their Employment History to ensure that the correct employment details are shown.

If you are not currently working, please mark yourself as “unemployed” as you will not be able to log your training until your employment commences.