CPA Ireland launches Digital Badges in association with Accredible.


CPA Ireland have launched Digital Badges in association with Accredible, the world’s most comprehensive badge and certificate service, thus allowing people to showcase their post qualification specialisms attained from CPA Ireland.

These easy to download online digital badges are beneficial in building career profiles and can be easily retrieved to share details of your achievements to both current and potential employers.

The advantages of digital credentials are numerous, they can be shared in many ways via email, Linked In feeds, Linked In profiles, social media channels and also added to email signatures and provide tangible (in digital terms) proof that you have enhanced your qualifications and developed new skills.
The digital badges are linked directly to CPA Ireland, so not only are you sharing well-deserved accomplishments, but you are also promoting your own Institute.
For people who have received multiple badges, they can also be seen on their Accredible page and people can also make their credentials private should they wish to do so.  Accredible’s digital credentials are secure, verifiable, and cannot be falsified.
CPA Ireland are currently offering digital badges for the below qualifications in addition to a physical certificate:
  • Certified Tax Adviser (renewable each year)
  • Diploma in Data Analytics
  • Diploma in Forensic Accounting