Launch of New CPA Ireland Digitalisation Hub



The fourth Industrial Revolution has been responsible for the creation of products and services that have become essential for modern life. It is paving the way for transformative changes in the way we live and has created disruption in almost every business sector.
Exclusively for CPA Ireland students and members, today, we are delighted to announce a new Digitalisation Hub to assist them to develop a roadmap for digital transformation. The new Hub highlights the many digital solutions currently available in tax, payroll, audit, advisory and much more.
Benefits of Going Digital: 
  • Remain relevant and future focused
  • Attract talented graduates as there are major gains for those who are agile and willing to adapt
  • Will assist students and members to meet the needs of digital savvy customers or clients
  • Succession planning – Digitising businesses now will make it more attractive in the future
  • Lead clients and customers into adopting digital strategies
  • Greater resource management - consolidate information and resources into a suite of tools for business
  • Enhanced data collection - gather more accurate data, incorporating it fully for business intelligence at a higher level
  • Improved productivity - have the right digital tools working together
  • Streamline workflow and improve productivity.
  • Reduce scope for human error
  • Data-driven customer insights - unlock client’s insights and better understand their needs
  • The time saved on repetitive, monotonous tasks frees up the time of the employees to work on more value add for your business & to develop other skills
  • If you are an employee, ensure your skillset and capabilities are aligned to your organisations digital strategies
Key Features of the Hub:
  • Software Search Directory
  • Software Showcases
  • Relevant articles
  • Software provider events
  • Case studies from accountants who have started their digital journeys
If you are a student or member of CPA Ireland, you can log in here.

CPA Ireland have been working with Alan FitzGerald, "The Software Whisperer" & Technology Advisor - Practice Connections to develop this Hub.

Alan has spent nearly 30 years in technology, with 22 of those working in the accounting technology market. He established Practice Connections Advisory in 2015 based on demand from accounting firms looking for independent technology-agnostic input when faced with a myriad of technology choices in the search for specialist IT solutions suitable for their firms. Also known as "The Software Whisperer", Alan helps businesses and practitioners review, coordinate, and connect the pieces of a daunting array of tax and accounting software products in the market, helping them to approach these decisions with confidence. Originally from Waterford, Alan is now based in Melbourne, Australia.

The CPA Ireland Digitalisation Hub has been developed in conjunction with CPA Ireland Skillnet.