CPA Ireland Conferring Ceremony 2022


The CPA Ireland 2022 Conferring Ceremony took place in O’Reilly Hall UCD on Saturday 3rd December and welcomed Ireland’s newest Accountants. It was inspiring to see our newest members take to the stage to receive their qualification and we wish them the very best of luck for their future careers.

Congratulations to our newly qualified CPA Ireland members and the below prize winning students for 2022, and a special thanks to our 2022 sponsors for their support this year.

Advanced Audit and Assurance - Helen Douglas, Cenit College    Sponsored by: OCMC
Advanced Financial Reporting - Dwaye Curran, Cenit College   Sponsored by: Fitzgerald & Partners
Strategy & Leadership - Conor Molloy, Griffith College   Sponsored by: HLB Ireland
Strategic Corporate Finance - Sharon Sheehan, Griffith College  Sponsored by: JPA Brenson Lawlor
Advanced Tax Strategy - Kinga Guzikowska, Cenit College   Sponsored by: Quintas
Data Analytics for Finance - Jurate Naujikaite, CPA Ireland   Sponsored by: RDA Accountants
Financial Reporting - Conor Molloy, Griffith College Sponsored by ODM Accountants
Audit & Assurance - Conor Molloy, Griffith College e-Learning   Sponsored by: UHY Farrelly Dawe White
Managerial Finance - Chris O'Dowd, Cenit College  Sponsored by: JDM Insurance Services Ltd.
Performance Management - Chris O'Dowd, Cenit College   Sponsored by: adaptive & co
Corporate Law - Conor Molloy, Griffith College Sponsored by: John McCarrick & Associates
Advanced Taxation - Gemma Brennan, Griffith College   Sponsored by: Brady & Associates
Taxation - Conor Lucey, Griffith College  Sponsored by: PSC Accountants and Advisors
Financial Accounting - Adrian Carroll, Griffith College  Sponsored by: Xero
Management Accounting - Lauren Byrne, Griffith College   Sponsored by: Leinster CPA Society
Management Fundamentals - Marie Farrell, Griffith College   Sponsored by: MKC Communications

Liam Donnelly Medal Winner - Chloe O'Sullivan, Griffith College

CPA Ireland Prizewinners 2022

 L-R 1st Row (Aine Collins. President CPA Ireland, Chloe O'Sullivan, Liam Donnelly Medal Winner, Richard O'Callaghan, Griffith College, Conor Lucey, Ann Donegan, Griffith College, Tom Colgan, Griffith College, Adrian Carroll, Gemma Brennan, Mark Tyler, Marie Farrell, Conor Molloy, Lauren Byrne, Sharon Sheehan)
L-R 2nd Row (Eamonn Siggins, CEO, CPA Ireland, Jurate Naujikaite, Kinga Guzikowska, Dwayne Curran, Helen Douglas, Vaeni MacDonnell, Cenit College,  Aidan Moran, Cenit College, Chris O'Dowd, Ealine Smith, Colm Foley, Cenit College)