CPA Ireland Metaverse Launch


CPA Ireland has launched a new bespoke training service that exists entirely in the Metaverse, accessed through VR headsets.

The new CPA Metaverse programme, a first of its kind in Ireland, had it's initial launch at the CPA Ireland President's Dinner.
The CPA Metaverse has been developed by CPA Ireland in conjunction with Sia Partners and Skillnet. The programme focusses on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), once learners have studied the theoretical content they can enter the virtual world to apply what they have learned.
Trainees will work in teams of 4, using the virtual headsets (meaning they can all be in the same room or in 4 different counties across Ireland) to complete a number of tasks. This will include a virtual scavenger hunt, data visualisation and process automation tasks.
Speaking at the launch of the CPA Metaverse, CPA Ireland President Mark Gargan said “Accounting in the modern era is becoming an increasingly digital profession. Accountancy is evolving at an incredible pace and training needs to be able to match that pace preparing the next generation of accountants to operate in the world accountancy now occupies.
“Accountancy also faces a global skills shortage often driven by a misperception about the nature of the job it entails. By delivering unique and innovative training experiences we hope to encourage more people to become involved in accountancy.

The CPA metaverse coming soon..


Pictured L-R (Dave Flynn, Director of Business Networks, Skillnet Ireland, Trish O’Neill, Director of Member Services, CPA Ireland and Gary O’Sullivan, Managing Partner UK & Ireland at Sia Partners Consulting 4.0)