What will be the composition of the new Council?
Following amalgamation, the newly enhanced Chartered Accountants Ireland Council will be increased from 24 to 30 members. Six CPA Ireland members will join the amalgamated Council and each will be appointed to boards to ensure representation of CPA Ireland members in the governing structures. The Chartered Accountants Ireland officers in place from May 2024 will continue until their terms expire.
Subject to certain limits around length of service that apply to all members of Chartered Accountants Ireland's Council, those members of Council who join from CPA Ireland following the amalgamation will serve an initial term until 2028 and will then be eligible for re-election. The increased Council will reduce to 24 members by 2030.
All members of the combined Institute will be eligible for election to Council.
Who will be the President?
The President of Chartered Accountants Ireland at the time of amalgamation will be President of the combined body until the end of their term as President. The current Chartered Accountants Ireland rules around the nomination and election of President will continue to apply post-amalgamation.
How will District and Regional Societies be brought together?
Regional Societies will be amalgamated and CPA Ireland members will be automatically enrolled in Chartered Accountants Ireland District Societies, based on registered location with the option for members to change to a preferred District Society if they so wish.
CPA Ireland Regional Society Chairs and Deputy Chairs will have the option to become officers of District Societies (propose for 1 term). See below listing of Societies.
1 Ulster Society Ulster District Society
2 Leinster Society Leinster District Society
3 Munster Society Cork District Society
4 Western Society Western District Society
5  Western Society Northwest District Society
6 Mid-West Society Mid-West District Society
7 British Society London District Society
8  None Various Intl Chapters
How will CPA Ireland be represented at the highest levels of governance?
So as to ensure both organisations are represented within the amalgamated governing structures, six CPA Ireland members will join the Council until 2028 (after which they may seek re-election in the ordinary course as a member of Chartered Accountants Ireland) and each will be appointed to Chartered Accountants Ireland Boards.
The Institute of Chartered Accountants Ireland has the following Boards: (i) Oversight Board (ii) Members Board (iii) Audit Risk and Finance Board (iv) Education Training & Lifelong Learning Board (v) Advocacy & Representation Board and (vi) Professional Standards Board. CPA Ireland members will be appointed to all the Boards.
In addition, all members of the amalgamated Oversight Board are also members of the Nomination Committee, the Remuneration Committee and the Transformation Oversight Committee.
Do members need to vote on the bye-law changes separately?
If the members of both organisations approve amalgamation on 21st February 2024, it is envisaged that they will hold further meetings of members later in the year for Chartered Accountants Ireland to approve the necessary changes to the bye-laws and CPA Ireland to approve the legal steps effecting the amalgamation and certain changes to the constitution of CPA Ireland to facilitate amalgamation.