Audit Qualification and CPD


CPA members, affiliated partners and responsible individuals who are authorised by CPA Ireland as statutory auditors are reminded of their requirements to maintain their competence in audit through CPD. This is a requirement of the Companies Act 2014.

S.1489 of the Companies Act 2014 requires that a statutory auditor take part in appropriate programmes of continuing education in order to maintain his or her theoretical knowledge, professional skills and values, including, in particular, in relation to auditing, at a sufficiently high level.

International Education Standard (IES) 8 Professional Competence for Engagement Partners Responsible for Audits of Financial Statements (Revised), sets out the competencies that an auditor is expected to have. The learning outcomes that competence must be demonstrated against are set out in detail in Table A of IES 8, which includes a wide range of areas of competence.

Statutory auditors are advised to consider such requirements when planning their CPD.

Compliance with such requirements are considered during the Quality Assurance process and during the initial grant and renewal of statutory auditor status.