SMP Service Innovation Survey Reminder


Addressing Challenges and Improving Capabilities for Service Innovation in your Accounting Practice: Call to Participate in Survey
You are invited to participate in a study which investigates how Small Medium Accountancy Practices (SMPs), on the Island of Ireland, are responding to challenges and addressing opportunities through service innovation. As you are aware, practices are facing several challenges (e.g., attracting/retaining/meeting the needs of clients; attracting staff; changing regulations; technology developments).
Entrepreneurial behaviour, combined with the right capabilities, may assist SMPs to overcome these challenges. We invite you to share your experiences of overcoming current challenges and engaging in service innovation to help inform interventions to support the SMP sector.
The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. The study has received ethical approval from the Ulster University Business School Ethics Filter Committee. Participation is entirely voluntary. 
Follow this link to the Survey:
All data will be collected securely, in confidence and not disclosed to third parties. Data will be used only by the named researcher and anonymity will be ensured in presenting the results. If requested, you will receive a copy of the findings from the survey.  Given the importance of the study, the results of the study will be widely disseminated to SMP networks throughout Ireland. 
If you have any questions before participating, please contact the PhD researcher Clodagh Hegarty
Thank you in advance for participating in this study.