2023 Training Records


Students are reminded of the requirement to log their training and submit it to the Institute for review. All training must be submitted through MyCPA and submitted to your mentor for approval each quarter. 

Please note, the final date for submission of any training completed in 2023 is 31 January 2024

Students who submit their training as required will receive feedback from the Institute highlighting any issues to ensure that every student is on track to meet the Institute’s requirement in terms of depth and breadth of training. 

Trainees who do not comply with the requirement to log their training each quarter, may find that although they have more than three year’s relevant experience, they are unable to apply for membership on completion of examinations, as they do not have sufficient training logged and accepted by the Institute. 

A delay in logging your training will delay your admission to membership. It is each student's responsibility to log their training and ensure that it is reviewed and approved by their mentor.

Students are reminded of the requirement to be able to demonstrate in-depth competence in at least two of the six training areas. Detailed information about the Institute’s training requirements may be found on the CPA Ireland website

A detailed webinar is also available here

Any queries regarding training should be sent to training@cpaireland.ie