Digital Gym 

The Digital Gym gives you access to live and on demand fitness classes, with a weekly schedule to choose from. All classes are delivered by experts who will demonstrate a safe and maintainable way to tackle fitness at home. Our team of wellbeing experts are passionate about health & fitness. All of our coaches are handpicked and all come from a wide spectrum of expertise, reflecting the diversity of different sports and exercises around.


Wellbeing Studio 

Each month the wellbeing studio will focus on different aspects of wellness. During July the learning will focus on the importance of self-care for better health and wellbeing. We will cover a range of topics such managing your energy and time, setting boundaries, imposter syndrome and many more. This course will be delivered by a range experts in mental health and wellbeing.


Nutrition Advice & Recipes

This service allows you to create your own tailored nutrition plan and provices 194 recipes as well as a food diary, custom log and food search function. 


Sound Space Wellness Podcasts

Sound Space is your new go-to destination for all the latest podcasts in the world of wellbeing. Explore our four fantastic shows, each with their own unique theme, such as Parenting, Mental Health, Nourishment, and Wellbeing.Bringing you real life stories, and advice and hosted by experts with special guests appearances each week. Tune in for insightful episodes weekly or explore a tailored range of alternative podcasts in our top picks section below.


Create your own personalised wellness plans and discover the best ways to get healthy.

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  • Wellbeing 
  • Be Calm
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  • Rewards 

How do I get started? 

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  • Enter your details and the organisation code (this code can be found on the register page once you login to the CPA website)

Pro Tip: Use Google Chrome to ensure the best performance of the platform and don’t forget to download the app also by searching Spectrum.Life in IOS or Android.

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