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By choosing the CPA qualification, you are joining an international community of over 1 million CPA accountants worldwide

Syllabus, Exams & Pass Rates

Syllabus, Exams & Pass Rates

The CPA qualification consist of 4 exam stages, (F1, F2, P1 & P2) with 15 in exams in total.

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A minimum of 3 years relevant training is required to qualify as a CPA Ireland member.

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Exemptions from the CPA Exams

Having a qualification may entitle you to exemptions from some of CPA Ireland exams. See below to find out what exemptions you may be awarded.

Syllabus and Exam Information

Information on each stage of the CPA Professional Qualification:

Formation 1/CPA Certificate in Business and Accounting

If you don’t hold any previous qualification that awards you exemptions, you can start your career in accountancy at Formation 1 or with the CPA Certificate in Business and Accounting.

Formation 2

If you hold an Accounting Technician Degree/Business (Ord) or Non Business Degree, you can start at Formation 2.

Professional 1

If you hold an Accounting Degree or Post Grad in Accounting or Business (Hons) degree, you can start at Professional 1.

Professional 2 or Professional 2 & Masters in Accounting

If you are exempt from all of Formation 1, Formation 2 and Professional 1, you can study the Professional 2 exams and a Masters in Accounting at the same time.

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Join CPA team members & students to have all your accountancy career questions answered, Thursday May 28th, 1-1.45pm

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The CPA qualification provides you with the knowledge to enjoy a successful career in a myriad of industries. The qualification is well respected and recognised in business worldwide.

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