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Over 1 Million Accountants worldwide are CPA Accountants.

Global Opportunities

CPA Ireland members work in over 50 countries worldwide. The CPA Accountancy Qualification will provide you with endless career opportunities globally.

When I arrived in Australia, the fact that I had the CPA qualification afforded me numerous sit downs with recruiters and diverse job opportunities

Dick Coppinger, Senior Financial Accountant, Myer Viell all success stories

International Agreements

CPA Ireland members can become members of CPA America, CPA Australia, and more through our Mutual Recognition Agreements.

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Do you want to work in the USA?

CPA Ireland members have the benefit of becoming a AICPA member or apply to gain access to the CGMA designation through the MOU with CIMA.

Become a member of AICPA

CPA Ireland members can become a member of AICPA and obtain the US CPA credential and practice in the United States. Click through for more information.


The CPA Ireland & CIMA MOU will give CPA Ireland Members preferential access to the CGMA designation. Click through for more information.

CPA Ireland Members Working in the US

Hear from some CPA Ireland members working in the United States and their advice if you are thinking of working there.

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Do you want to work in Audit in the UK?

The FRC (Financial Reporting Council) in the UK has made a declaration approving the audit qualification of CPA Ireland as professional competence equivalent to that afforded by a recognised professional qualification in the UK.

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