Frequently Asked Questions

When does the competition begin & end? 
The 2024 National Accounting Competition runs for 6 weeks. Commencing Monday, January 29th - Sunday, March 10th, 2024. The first set of questions will be live in the app Monday 29th of Janaury 2024.

How do I participate in the National Accounting Competition?
Each week there will be accounting and CPA Ireland based questions released on the Quitch App and participants earn points for correctly answering and points for how quickly and accurately they answer the questions. Participants can move up and down the leaderboard. The top 3 participants will win the main prizes, and all competitors who answer any questions throughout the competition are eligible to win the weekly prizes chosen at random

What type of questions will there be?
There is a mixture of MCQ, True or False and fill in the blanks. The quicker you answer and answer correctly will earn you points.

What is Quitch?
Quitch is a gamified online learning platform that is free to download from the App Store and Google Play. Quitch can be used by educators and trainers to create fun quizzes for their learners. Quitch also hosts competitions such as the National Accounting Competition sponsored by CPA Ireland.

How do I register to particiapte?
Particpants are required to complete the online registration form and will then be able to downlaod the Quitch App to their mobile.

Can anyone participate in the National Accounting Competition?
There are some conditions to enter the National Accounting Competition. All Terms & Conditions can be found here.

Do I have to register at the start of the competition to participate?

No, you can register anytime throughout the 6-week competition and will have access to all the questions.

Can I use Quitch on my desktop?
No, Quitch is an exclusively mobile application and therefore cannot be used on desktop for this competition

What are the prizes for this competition?
  • The eligible 1st place winner will receive €1000.
  • The eligible 2nd place winner will receive €600.
  • The eligible 3rd place winner will receive €300.
  • CPA Ireland is also offering 6 x €100 weekly prizes chosen at random to participants in the competition. Participants are only eligible for the weekly prizes if they particpainting weekly.
  • Additionally, CPA Ireland is offering a €500 educators prize to the University/IT of the competition winner.
If you have any further questions, please email