If personal branding was a process it would be an iterative one as a personal professional brand organically evolves and changes over time.

As you add to your skills, knowledge, experience and network you will need to regularly review your brand to ensure it is fit for purpose. This involves revisiting the steps you took to establish your brand. Like an audit  of sorts, you will want to assess your skills, strengths and weaknesses, your brand message and your network. This involves taking stock of its value, the gaps, the need for improvement or the changes you need to make to your brand message. .

Your band must remain true to you; It takes lifelong commitment to maintain your brand, it is not something that should be seen a task to be completed and ignored. Therefore you should regularly set time aside to log your key achievements, the enhancement of your skills, knowledge and experience. You should review your network and ensure its members are aligned in support of your brand message .