3. Corporate Planning, Control and Treasury Management

3.1   Standard Costing Systems

  • Marginal costing and break-even analysis
  • Activity Based Costing/Budgeting Job, process, operation and batch costing
  • Service costing
3.2   Management Reporting
  • Design management reporting function for an organisation
  • Perform Cost/Profit Centre Analysis
  • Consider cost classification, allocation and analysis (labour, material & overheads)
  • Perform valuation of stock and work-in- progress
3.3   Budgeting and cash flow analysis
  • Undertake cost reduction programmes
  • Analyse pricing policy
            - Prepare Budgets
            - Prepare Cash Flow Forecasts
  • Budgetary Control and management
3.4   Strategic Planning
  • Perform SWOT analysis on an organisation
  • Perform Forecasting, project profitability of capital expenditure
  • Preparation of strategic plans
  • Present report to client / management on strategic plan and its effectiveness
3.5   Treasury
  • Perform Cash forecasting
  • Participate in managing Credit control and collection policies
  • Monitor and maintain an organisations working capital requirements
  • Inventory control
  • Evaluate adequacy of depreciation and consider obsolescence and disposal of assets
  • Import/export financing Evaluate funding alternatives (Share issue, Borrowing, Grants, etc)
  • Manage Foreign exchange exposures