1. Financial Accounting

Preparation of periodic and annual accounts of various organisations (including sole traders, partnerships, limited companies and public companies and not-for-profit organisations) to include:

(Key areas required for practising certificate marked *)

1.1   Preparation of basic accounting records

  • Maintenance of Sales Ledgers
  • Maintenance of Purchase Ledgers
  • Maintenance of Payroll
  • Maintenance of VAT records
  • Other accounting work

1.2   Preparation of control accounts and trial balance

  • Perform Bank Reconciliations
  • Complete Control Accounts
  • Undertake Credit Control function
  • Process Foreign Currency Transactions
  • Preparation of working papers Preparation of nominal ledgers to trial balance
  • Other accounting work: (specify)

1.3   Preparation of unincorporated entity accounts

  • Preparation of accounts from incomplete records*
  • Preparation and extension of the trial balance from underlying ledger accounts*
  • Preparation of final accounts and balance sheets for unincorporated sole traders, partnerships, etc.
  • Preparation of budgeted accounts including cash flow statements 

1.4   Preparation of Statutory Financial Statements

  • Prepare statutory financial statements for a limited company*
  • Construction of consolidated financial statements*
  • Ensuring compliance with requirements of relevant legislation including Companies Acts 1963 to 2014*
  • Ensuring compliance with accounting standards*

1.5   Preparation of Accounts for Specialist Organisations

  • Preparation of branch accounts, including internal branch accounts and foreign branch accounts*.
  • Preparation of financial statements for specialist organisations, e.g. banks, insurance companies, hire purchase companies, credit unions, building contractors, solicitors, trusts, pension funds, co-operatives, hospitals, local authorities, public utilities*.
  • Ensuring compliance with Stock Exchange requirements for published accounts and for providing information to shareholders*.