Travel the World with a CPA Qualification

Does travel feature in your plans for the future? Do you want the opportunity to combine working with travel? Achieving a qualification as a CPA Accountant is a fantastic way of combining international travel and working in a career that offers both in house and freelance accountancy opportunities. CPA Ireland members work in over 50 countries around the world meaning they can travel with a qualification that travels with them.

A CPA Ireland qualification is certainly a key that opens many doors internationally. CPA Ireland have built strong relationships with numerous accountancy bodies around the world including Australia, Canada, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka and Nigeria. These relationships are formalised in what is known as A Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA).  For example, in the case of Canada, CPA Ireland and the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA-Canada) have a Mutual Recognition Agreement. The MRA establishes a strategic partnership between the two leading accounting organizations and gives members the opportunity to qualify for a second designation.


Under the agreement, members in good standing of either body will be considered for membership by the other body. Members wishing to practice public accounting will be required to meet the specific regulatory and legal requirements in each jurisdiction.

Not only does a CPA qualification offer the opportunity to travel widely you will also be able to structure your work in a way that suits you while traveling. You will be able to avail of job opportunities in large, medium or small accountancy practices. You can also take on short term projects in the form of, for example, a three or six month contract that will allow you the flexibility to travel once your contract is completed. Here is what some qualified CPA Ireland members have to say about the flexibility and opportunity their qualification offers them:

"When I arrived in Australia, the fact that I had the CPA qualification afforded me numerous sit downs with recruiters and diverse job opportunities. Having the qualification has assisted me in all my job searching to date and provided me with the opportunity to develop."

- Dick Coppinger, Senior Financial Accountant, Myer, Melbourne, Australia

“The CPA Qualification has benefited me in my career because its opened doors to opportunities across the globe that I would not have known existed without it.”

- Alan Cosgrave, Partner, Enterprise Risk Services, Vancouver, British Columbia

"The CPA Qualification has benefited me in my career because it provided me with the building blocks to attain the great jobs I had and due to its global reach, it allowed me to get visas and work opportunities in many countries."

- Martin O'Regan, Managing Director and Founder, Solas Fiduciary Services, Singapore, Asia 

A CPA Ireland qualification is undoubtedly a passport to huge opportunity! Find out more about our routes to qualification here:

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CPA Ireland Mutual Recognition Agreements

CPA Ireland have relationships with many Accountancy Bodies around the world including Australia, Canada, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka and Nigeria.