Law & Regulation Webinar Recordings

When you purchase one of these webinar recordings, you will receive an email from a CPA staff member with the link to access your course. This may take up to 48 hours to send to you. 

Once you have completed the webinar, please reply to this email to have the CPD credit allocated to your account.

CPD provided by CPA Ireland is updated by the Institute within two weeks of attendance. If you notice an event missing from your record please do not add it yourself but instead contact with your member number and the name & date of the course you attended.

List of webinar recordings available:
Topic Price  
AML Obligations for Accountants €29 Buy Now!
AML Red Flags €29 Buy Now!
Anti Money Laundering Update €29 Buy Now!
Beneficial Ownership Register €29 Buy Now!
Code of Ethics €29 Buy Now!
Company Law & CRO Update €29 Buy Now!
Company Law & Tax Awareness in Day to Day Practice €29 Buy Now!
Company Law & the Pandemic - the Changing Horizon of Insolvency €29 Buy Now!
Creditors Voluntary Liquidations 2023 €29 Buy Now!
Cyber risks - know your business €25 Buy Now!
Data Protection Update €25 Buy Now!
Data Security - Preventing and Managing Data Breaches €25 Buy Now!
Developments in the Ransomware threat €25 Buy Now!
Directors Duties €29 Buy Now!
Directors: Appointment, Duties and Liabilities €29 Buy Now!
Employment Law Practical Tips - what it means for you as an Employer/ Manager €29 Buy Now!
Employment Law - Key Considerations of the Hybrid Workplace – Employee Engagement & Performance Management €29 Buy Now!
Employment Law - HR Barometer Report Series 6.1 - Unrivalled source of analysis & insights €29 Buy Now!
Employment Legislation - New and Upcoming during 2023 €29 Buy Now!
Forensic Accounting €29 Buy Now!
HR compliance, and best Practise Tips for Your HR Strategy €29 Buy Now!
Legal Aspects of Corporate Recovery and Insolvency €29 Buy Now!
Managing Employees in a remote or blended setting €29 Buy Now!
Maximising Performance (From Probation and during the Employment Journey) €29 Buy Now!
Members Voluntary Liquidations 2022 €29 Buy Now!
New Code of Practice on Prevention And Resolution of Bullying at Work €25 Buy Now!
New CRO Requirement for Director PPS Numbers €29 Buy Now!
Recruitment and Retention - Key Considerations and Risks €29 Buy Now!
Regulatory Update for CPA Members 2022 €5 Buy Now!
Regulatory Update with Corporate Enforcement Authority €5 Buy Now!
Right to Request Remote Work €29 Buy Now!
SCARP and Examinerships €29 Buy Now!
Statements of Insolvency Practice €29 Buy Now!
Summary Approval Procedure €29 Buy Now!
The Code of Practice on the Right to Disconnect & Upcoming employment legislation on Working from Home (Covid-19) Bill €29 Buy Now!
The Creditors Guide to Insolvency €29 Buy Now!
The Rights of Data Subjects under the GDPR €29 Buy Now!
The Small Company Administrative Rescue Process €29 Buy Now!
Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions €29 Buy Now!
Work life Balance Bill €29 Buy Now!

Please note that any information given by the speaker was correct on the date of recording

*this list will be updated as more webinar recordings become available.